Prompt #48: What do you love to do when it rains?

Image from Unsplash

Waking up to the gentle pattering of raindrops against the windowpane, I burrow myself further into the comforts of my blanket, letting the arrhythmic murmur lead my dazed mind in and out of consciousness. Eyes still closed, a hand slowly reaches out of the blanket blindly searching for something familiar. A squint, a swipe of the thumb, a switching off of the alarm. A deliberation, a plop, then a slip back into dreamland till I’m awoken again.  

A freshly brewed cup of warm tea in my hands and a book on my lap, I sit on a ledge, watching the rivulets stream down and pool on the windowsill. In the foreground, the blurred cityscape teases my vision while soft ballads play accompaniment from somewhere in the vicinity. Head leaning against the cool window, I let my mind drift into nothingness, just absently staring unblinkingly ahead. Every now and then my arms move automatically, bringing the cup closer for a sip of the fragrant potion within. The book is left forgotten, a comforting deadweight as darkness quietly settles in. For a few quiet hours, I feel perfectly at peace.

Back in bed warmly snuggled between soft sheets, the rain hums a lullaby, crooning me back into a dreamless and tranquil slumber till the sun rises again. 

Word count: 232 words


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